ICU Clinic offers high-quality medical services in a wide range of specialties and subspecialties.


Surgery Department

When the surgery becomes the suitable option for patients, patients are usually concerned about the outcomes and the side effects that might arise following the surgery. ICU Clinic, we have developed our surgery department to offer surgical treatments in a safe and comfort environment using the state of the art equipment and facilities.



A comprehensive team of highly qualified surgeons and anesthesiologists, registered nurses and surgical technicians are committing to deliver medical services by placing on safety as a first priority. Having enough and modern technology, it brings a lot of advantages to the patients.

Our Facility


         -    Equipment and materials are fully equipped
         -    Imaging and Radiology: 2D X-ray, 4D Ultrasound (Echo).

Our Services

During the consultation, the detailed treatment is discussed and preoperative care is done prior to the surgery regardless of whether the procedure is minimally invasive or a form of major surgery. Preoperative care involves a complete medical history and physical exam. The objective of this process is to provide information for the patients and relatives about the anesthetic and postoperative care including pain management which can help alleviate the fear of the patient. This is also necessary to reduce the risk of surgery.

Our surgical services include:

       -    General Surgery
       -    Brain Hematoma Surgery
       -    Laparoscopic

       -    Gynecology and Maternity
       -    Thoraco-abdominal

       -    Traumato-Neurological Surgery

       -    Urological Surgery
       -    ENT (Ear Nose Throat)





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